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Verandahs and Conservatories

VETRATE E COPERTURE MOBILI SUNROOM The opportunity of keeping areas open during good weather or closing those same areas during bad weather has always been the aim of "living well".

This desire for sun, light and nature leads to the creation of the Sunroom® sliding and folding techniques, which, due to their on-going developments and new creations are still the most advanced systems for folding, sliding doors and sliding roofs for verandas, balconies, greenhouses, swimming pools, bars, restaurants, hotels, malls, conservatories.

The range includes folding doors in 4 versions, sliding doors normal and thermal break also vertical motorized, fixed and sliding roofs normal and thermal break alsol motorized.

They have been chosen by the best designers and recommended by the most experienced installers due to their quality, guaranteed by the Tendergroup's great experience, and by certification guaranteeing sealing, resistance and reliability.

All SUNROOM® products are supplied made to measure, finished and ready for simple assembly.

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